Survey 08

Results of Survey #8

There were 23 respondents to this week’s survey.

Question #1 asked respondents’ names and organizations

Question #2 asked respondents’ agreement with the statement “The Executive Director of the Association should be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors of the Association.” With a ranking of 1-5 (1= strongly agree and 5=strongly disagree) the overall ranking was 1.7, a good solid ranking of agreement.  There were a number of comments and the most common theme among them was an interest and willingness to re-open the question of voting rights for the ED.

Question #3 Respondents were asked their preferred size of the Board of Directors of the Association.  Responses were:  13 members (21.7%); 15 (34.8%); 17 (4.3%); 19 (13%); 21 (8.7%); and 23 (17.4%).  The weighted average of these responses was 17.  There were many comments advocating for both small and large boards (as might be expected given the distribution of the votes) as well as comments suggesting the Association should start with a smaller board and perhaps enlarge it as Association gets larger and the work grows more complex and demanding.  There were also comments on how the board might be structured to balance regional/national representation.

Question #4 Respondents were asked to choose their preferred mechanism for nominating the slate of candidates to be voted onto the board.  The results of this question were:

A.     A  Nominations Committee of the Full Membership  39.1%

B.      A Nominations Committee of the Board (after the initial board is elected)  30.4%

C.      Any Member with the signed endorsement of at least 20% of the Membership  4.3%

D.     A and C  13.0%

E.      B and C  4.3%

F.       Other (please explain)  8.7%

Comments on this question were fairly limited and the only common themes that emerged were preferences to have the board nominate future board members once the organization was up and running after the board had been established by the first vote of the membership.  Although the respondents liked the idea of inclusivity implied by option C, they expressed concern about this option proving too cumbersome.  This question will be referred to the Working Group for consultation.

Question #5 Respondents were asked their preference for the standard length of board terms of office.  Responses to this question were:  1 year (0%); 2 years (47.8%); 3 years (39.1%); 4 years (0%); and other (13%).  Comments generally revolved around the suggestion that whatever the number of years, the terms should be staggered so that not all board members were re-elected within the same year.

Question # 6 Respondents were asked their opinions as to maximum number of terms board members should be permitted to serve. Responses to this question were:  1 term (0.0%); 2 terms (34.8%); 3 terms (17.4%); Unlimited terms (8.7%); and Other (39.1%).  The most common comment given under the Other category was the recommendation that board members be allowed two terms of office, then be required to sit out one term, before they could be re-nominated to the board.

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