Survey 01

Review of Association Working Group Surveys

Survey #1 – Summary of Content 

As may be recalled, the first survey of the Association Working Group and subsequent phone call (1/18/12) revealed a great deal of agreement around the most important characteristics of core member organizations and the hierarchies of purpose which the Association could serve on behalf of those members.  Participants in the survey and calls largely agreed that core members should:

  1. Create social change through music;
  2. Focus on primarily serving children with access barriers (both financial and social) to other music programs;
  3. Should provide programs in a manner that ensures equal access to all children regardless of ability to pay;
  4. Should emphasize ensemble performance as a core of curriculum.

The group also showed strong agreement on the strategic priorities of the Association:

  1. It should first focus on capacity-building within the core membership through shared learning, program resources and materials, data, and outcomes evaluation;
  2. Next, the Association should promote external opportunities for advocacy, fundraising, and public awareness;
  3. Finally, the Association should create platforms for future core member development through support for established standards of quality, shared performance and learning for students, and member growth and expansion.

Where agreement was not found and further clarity was needed was in understanding the Group’s opinions as to the importance of program quality as a defining concept of core membership.  Therefore, it was agreed that the next survey and phone call (Survey #2 and conference call 1/25/12) would further explore the group’s opinions on this question.

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