3. Cumulative Decisions Made by the Working Group

As our conference calls progress, we are keeping a running document containing a summary of the decisions made by the Working Group with regard to the fundamental elements of the new Association. By its nature, this document will grow and change as the work of the group continues. It is intended to ultimately serve as a guiding document for the Drafting Convention and also as an index to where and how decisions were made.

You will see from this document that we have gone a lovely distance (given the complexities of inclusive group process of this nature) toward fleshing out the elements we explained would be needed in initial guiding documents.  As this cumulative record grows, we get closer every day to giving birth to this new organization and voice for the movement.

Cumulative Decisions Document (PDF Version – Updated April 16, 2012)

1 Response to 3. Cumulative Decisions Made by the Working Group

  1. Mary Wurtz says:

    I have just a few comments from our Board members (Yosal).
    1. Core values need to be specified.
    2.. Social change is too vague. It actually refers to identifying the measurable elements of Positive Youth Development, ie. school attendance, improved grades, improved discipline etc.
    3. What defines ‘high quality”. ..needs to be explained
    4. In #8 add ‘schools’ when emphasizing partnerships with parents and community. Ideally, we would hope for all three.
    General Points: Where is the emphasis on ‘inclusiveness’ and flexibility’?
    5. Board membership should include some members who have not only an interest in El Sistema but have specific skills to contribute. People on the Board who know the field of positive youth development, research experts, organizational development ,child development, music knowledge, experts in non-profits etc. , could make a contribution to this effort. Ex. Placido Domingo would be a good addition, would he not?
    This needs to be thought through as we don’t want the board to be insular..

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