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  1. Dear colleagues and friends from the NAESIP. I am Armando Torres Chibrás and I work for El Sistema-Mexico. I belong also to the El Sistema Global group with Glenn Thomas and I am a member of El Sistema USA in the groups El Sistema Knowledge Base and International El Sistema Initiatives. I have a silly question. I do not remember any more if I am a member of the NAESIP! If not, please, I would like to join. Since June 30, 2013 I am a new resident of the United States and I will be moving to the USA in few months. I would like to share what are we doing at El Sistema – Mexico with all the colleagues from El Sistema USA movement. As on November 26, 2013, we have a national movement of 100 Nucleos or music community associations (Children and youth orchestras, choirs, wind bands and ensembles), including nucleos in indigenous communities, and we have a strong exchange program with the Secretariat of the Ibero-American States called Iberorquestas.
    Please receive kind regards.


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