Patrick Slevin


Patrick Slevin currently serves as Program Director for Austin Soundwaves, an intensive music education program under the umbrella of Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts and modeled after Venezuela’s renowned El Sistema. As the Austin Soundwaves Program Director, Patrick shapes the educational and musical vision for the program, conducts its orchestras, teaches sectionals and private lessons, and assists in areas related to development, communications, and program evaluation. Since launching Austin Soundwaves in October 2011, Patrick has grown and developed the program to serve over 110 students in grades 5-9 at two sites in East Austin. He received degrees in Music and Urban Studies from Northwestern University and subsequently completed the “Sistema Fellows Program” at The New England Conservatory. Patrick has taught in over 10 El Sistema programs both in the United States and in Venezuela. He has worked for The Center for Study of Art and Community, The Center for Civic Engagement at Northwestern University, and the Alexandria (VA) Commission for the Arts. Patrick is a member of the chamber-rock band, The Gentlemen of NUCO, most recently featured on “America’s Got Talent.” He has performed with numerous orchestras and in music festivals including the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Illinois Philharmonic, Round Rock Symphony, Bravos Valley Symphony Orchestra, Texas Music Festival, Chautauqua Music Festival, and Castleton Music Festival.

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