Eric Barth

Kalamazoo College Faculty Profiles

  • Professor and Chair of Mathematics, Kalamazoo College
  • Curriculum Director, Kalamazoo Kids in Tune
  • Immediate Past President, Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Society

Initially a volunteer teacher of musicianship classes in the program, Eric Barth now serves as Curriculum Director of Kalamazoo Kids in Tune. In that role he leads orchestras, selects and arranges orchestral and choral repertoire, and coordinates repertoire across all areas of the program: orchestra, choir, dance, and instrument lessons.

With degrees in music and mathematics and decades as an experienced mathematics and music educator at all levels from elementary to post-secondary, he brings a master teacher’s blend of excitement and rigor to the El Sistema Inspired program, designing curricular initiatives that engage the whole brain and serve the whole child. Barth uses his experience in educational program development to devise schedules and schema to realize El Sistema Inspired goals through creative management of program resources.

Barth has attended El Sistema conferences in Moncton, NB, Canada and Philadelphia, PA, and presented on the Kalamazoo Kids in Tune program at the 2012 Michigan AfterSchool Association Collaborative Conference. He has made site visits to ORCHKids in Baltimore and YOURS in Chicago.

The immediacy of the El Sistema inspired programs’ positive impact on individuals inspires us to a larger dream that will be realized when generations of people are living lives of music with the fullest degree of engagement in our communities. The timeline of this vision extends decades into the future. To achieve this, Barth is committed to bringing his best talents to the National Alliance at this critical formative stage in the firm belief that the long-term success of the El Sistema inspired movement in all its local incarnations will require a robust national framework for support, communication, program development, and advocacy.

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