Aurelia Rocha, clerk


Aurelia Gregoria Rocha is a native of San Antonio, Texas and is the director for Youth Orchestras of San Antonio El Sistema Inspired Program YOSA Music After School (YOSA MÁS). Along with her work at YOSA, she teaches applied cello at Schreiner University as adjunct faculty. Aurelia plays regularly as a section cellist with the Midland-Odessa Symphony and Choir and has worked with many of the regional symphonies in both West Texas and New Mexico. She performs with local artists as well. Working with groups such as the Blooms in New Braunsfels, and local San Antonio artist John Boyd, has allowed Aurelia to explore a musical world outside of the classical.

Beginning in the sixth orchestra grade, Aurelia found that her early love for music and the cello became a lifelong passion and way of life. Her studies lead her to the University of Texas at Austin where she studied with renowned pedagogue Phyllis Young. While in Austin, Aurelia played in local experimental venues such as the Dog House Theater. Returning to San Antonio allowed Aurelia to continue her cello studies with Ken Freudigman at the University of Texas at San Antonio earning a Masters of Music in Cello Performance. In addition to her degree in music, Aurelia earned a Master of Arts in Adult and Higher Education further preparing her for a life in education and music. Finally, Aurelia began her doctoral studies at Texas Tech University where she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Fine Arts Administration.

In her leisure time, Aurelia enjoys spending time with her dogs either hiking or visiting one of the many parks in San Antonio. She stays active participating in local foot races and bikes rides. Aurelia also is a motorcycle enthusiast and is working on improving her riding skills in the Texas Hill Country.


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