Board Nomination Process Now Open

The time has come to begin nominating talented individuals to stand for election to the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of El Sistema Inspired Programs.

Between now and January 25, the National Alliance will accept nominations by Active Program Members. These nominations will be posted on this website until January 31, at which point voting on the new board by Active Program Members will commence. Voting will close on February 3, 2013, and the new board will then be announced and commence its work on behalf of the new Alliance.

In order to facilitate the nominations process, a national conference call to address questions about nominations, voting, and the expected nature of board service will be held on January 17, from 11:30-1:00 PM (EST) and the dial in number will be 760-569-0111, conference id number 121767#.

Although only Active Program Members may nominate to and vote on the Board of Directors, all friends of the Alliance (whether members or not) are strongly encouraged to think of talented supporters of El Sistema inspired programs who might make wonderful board members and to contact current Active Program Members to make their suggestions known. One does not have to be on the staff and/or board of an Active Program Member in order to serve on the Board of the National Alliance; one only has to be nominated by an Active Program Member. So, if you think that you, or someone else you know would make a good board member, but you are not an Active Program Member and do not know the name and contact information for one, please feel free to check the listing of current Active Program Members on the National Alliance website or contact the National Alliance registrar, Ben Fuller at

Each Active Program Member is permitted to nominate one board member candidate and just as a reminder, the suggested characteristics of good candidate nominees are people who:

  • Are prepared to consistently commit time to supporting the start-up of the new Alliance. There will be numerous scheduled conference-call meetings and need for volunteer support and expertise of many kinds. There will also likely be a couple of face-to-face board meetings each year and the board will work to try to be sure that the costs associated with such meetings are born by the Alliance, but there will be no other compensation for board members’ time.
  • Are very familiar with the needs and nature of El Sistema Inspired Programs and the children they serve. The work of the Alliance will be to bring together the resources of all El Sistema Inspired Programs to strengthen each other and create a powerful new national tool to support the movement. Therefore, it will be imperative that all board members are familiar with the priorities, resources, and needs of the programs.
  • Are capable of thinking on national scale and of putting the good of all programs as a priority along with local needs.
  • Have professional expertise they are willing and eager to share. The board will need many skill sets in order to do its work well. Recommended skill-sets (in no particular order) include: prior board experience, music education skills (especially in El Sistema programs), management/leadership, finance, fundraising/philanthropy, advocacy, and public relations/marketing.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact either Beth, Stan, or Ben. We are happy to help in any way we can!

Until then, best wishes for a terrific New Year filled with music,

Beth and Stan, Volunteer Facilitators National Alliance of El Sistema Inspired Programs

About Stanford Thompson

Stanford Thompson is a musician and educator who serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Play On Philly and Founding Board Chairman of El Sistema USA, bringing music education to students in underserved areas throughout Philadelphia and beyond. Recognized as a TED Fellow in 2017, Stanford believes that music education is a powerful tool for positive personal and community change. Mr. Thompson serves on the faculties of the Global Leaders Program, SAAVY Arts Venture, and Dean of the Sphinx LEAD program while regularly lecturing at major Universities and Conservatories about leadership, entrepreneurship and social justice. As a consultant, he has guided the development of dozens of El Sistema-inspired programs across the United States and collaborated with major orchestras and arts organizations to develop new strategies and initiatives that helps provide equitable access to the arts. As a professional trumpeter, Stanford has performed as soloist and section member with major orchestras around the world and continues to perform chamber music and jazz. Stanford is a native of Atlanta, GA and hold degrees from The Curtis Institute of Music and the New England Conservatory’s Sistema Fellows Program.
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