March 4 Message

Dear Friends,
Thank you all for your participating and support to date. We’ve come a long way and I encourage you all to continue to participate in our surveys and weekly conference calls. All of the results for our calls, surveys, and e-mails are displayed on the temporary associationwebsite:
Our next survey will begin exploring how the group wishes to assign membership benefits. What this does is let us get at the concrete ways folks want to allow different members to participate in the work and benefits of the association. This in turn may allow for some grouping of membership categories that eases the way we think about and manage the work of the Association….example: if everyone agrees that core members get one set of benefits and everybody else gets a different set of the same/more limited benefits, then de facto, you end up with only two categories of members- core and auxiliary. Often, Associations like ours have three categories: core, eligible individuals, and eligible groups.
PLEASE NOTE: This survey is merely a prelude to more intense questioning about the group’s preference for board size, representation, and the exact ways that board members are elected. The matrix that we want you to complete will provide an understanding of group preferences on rights/privileges of membership and beginning of preference on board constitution/selection.
CORPORATE LAWYER: We are soon going to need the volunteer resources of a corporate lawyer. If you have one you want to suggest who would volunteer their resources, please let Beth or I know. Ideally, the lawyer would be available by phone, e-mail, or in person during the Drafting Convention in Chicago (if possible). It is important to get someone identified soon because we will have need for advice with the next couple of weeks on a few things we’ll be tackling at the Drafting Convention and filing the incorporation papers. Any leads are appreciated!
Our next conference call will be Wednesday March 7 from 11:30am-1:00pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (760) 569-0111
Participant Access Code: 121767#
Stanford Thompson and Beth Babcock

About Stanford Thompson

Stanford Thompson is a musician and educator who serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Play On Philly and Founding Board Chairman of El Sistema USA, bringing music education to students in underserved areas throughout Philadelphia and beyond. Recognized as a TED Fellow, Stanford believes that music education is a powerful tool for positive personal and community change. Mr. Thompson serves on the faculties of the Global Leaders Program, SAAVY Arts Venture, and Senior Ambassador of the Sphinx LEAD program while regularly lecturing at major Universities and Conservatories about leadership, entrepreneurship and social justice. As a consultant, he has guided the development of dozens of music programs across the United States and collaborated with major orchestras and arts organizations to develop new strategies and initiatives that helps provide equitable access to the arts. As a professional trumpeter, Stanford has performed as soloist and member with major orchestras around the world and continues to perform chamber music and jazz. Stanford is a native of Atlanta, GA and hold degrees from The Curtis Institute of Music and the New England Conservatory’s Sistema Fellows Program.
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1 Response to March 4 Message

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    Perhaps a few more of you should agree on the wording of the survey questions before they go out to all. As more of an observer, it seems to me the results would improve, and eliminate some of the asterisks. Hoping someday I’ll have something brilliant to add. Glenn

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